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The property known as "Opera Pio Monaco" is located in the Municipality of Vico del Gargano and is located in the center of the country and, in support of its origin as most significant structure of the city, the building is located almost at the limit of the old center, on the only vulnerable part of the urban fabric; which fully justifies its importance for the city.

The property was built in the nineteenth century and was intended as a structure to care for the poor elderly people. Governed by a Board of Directors, it was operationally managed by a religious structure. It was subsequently acquired as municipal asset, restructured for the construction of a library.
On 13/02/2011, predisposed halls to store archaeological finds were inaugurated, attached to the library itself.

The "Opera Pia Monaco" building is on three levels above ground, ground floor, first floor, second floor. An additional layer, partially basement, and completely above ground with reference to the back circulation, is what has been significantly affected by the project financed by the Region Apulia Asse IV – PO FESR 2007/2013 linea 4.2., together with a part of the ground floor of the property, given to the museum. The project proposal consisted of an extension of the existing museum, with enhancement of the same, a better use of inside space and safety improvements.

The main entrance of the library is along Viale Sbrasile. The new volume hosting the staircase body and the lift is clad in different sizes and shapes local stone slabs, so as to create a visual and tactile texture. A monolith dug in line with the overviews on both the ruin facing side and the rear prospectus. This volume is set back from the current outline of the building and of lower height.