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The Civic Archaeological Museum "Francesco delli Muti", established on the 20th April 1979, is housed in the "Opera Pia Monaco", a bourgeois building from 1860, located in Via Sbrasile 11.

The museum collections are arranged in four rooms divided between the basement and the ground floor, in lit displays and accompanied by appropriate photographic documentation and a series of illustrating panels about the nature, the function of the finds and the archaeological areas of origin. The museum conducts activities of research, divulging and educational.

The main access to the Archaeological Museum is from the new services block; the route starts in the basement and ends on the ground floor. At the entrance we find a welcome service with leaflets describing the museum and a reception. The rooms used for the museum are four, two in the basement and two on the ground floor, each with its own set theme. The corridors play a vital place in the structure and make up places for the display panels in which it is underlined the history of    our land.